service agreement/waiver

PLEASE READ: CONDITIONS OF SALE: Service charges do apply for excessive driver delay. Additional fees will be charged for any of the following listed. NO TIRES, RAILROAD TIES, STUMPS FLAMMABLES, TOXIC, AND/OR HAZARDOUS MATERIAL, THINNERS, LACQUERS, PAINTS, SOLVENTS, OILS, OIL FILTERS, CONTAMINATED ABSORBENTS, ASBESTOS, BATTERIES, INFECTIOUS WASTE, CONTAMINATED SOILS, FUELS, INKS, RESINS, ADHESIVES, OR DRUMS TO BE PLACED IN CONTAINERS. ANY ITEM CONTAINING REFRIGERANT MUST BE EVACUATED ACCORDING TO FEDERAL LAW BEFORE DISPOSAL. CUSTOMER SHALL NOT OVERLOAD EQUIPMENT, NOT TO USE IT FOR INCINERATION PURPOSES AND SHALL BE LIABLE TO CONTRACTOR FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE IN EXCESS OF REASONABLE WEAR AND TEAR, DO NOT MOVE CONTAINER. Again additional fees will be charged. Back door must be shut and locking pins in place. Customer shall not fill container with heavy materials, rocks, bricks, dirt, and/or concrete, without consent from DeScenzo's Rubbish Removal. Standard Rental is seven days, including weekends and holidays, rain or shine. There will be an additional charge of $14.00 per day as of 8th day of service regardless of circumstances; Customer must call in dumpster we do not automatically pick them up. Customer is responsible if any permits are needed. Customer is responsible for making a safe and clear path to and from container, including driveways clear of snow and ice. You will be charged each ton that goes over the ton limit you were giving. Do NOT load over top of dumpster. Over Loading can result in extra fees. Wasted trips to pick up or drop off the dumpster can result in a wasted trip fee. Re-spot of a dumpster results in extra charges (same credit used to purchase dumpster will automatically be used for any extra charges) The undersigned hereby waives any and all claims for any damages that may be caused to the driveway, house, garage, auto, lawn, shrubs, utility wires, or any other things located on property as a result of my request to the driver of DeScenzo's Rubbish Removal to enter my property for the purpose of making a delivery, dropping or loading.

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